Pigment is a powdered substance used for coloring. It is insoluble in water, grease, resin, organic solvent, etc., but can be uniformly dispersed in these media to make the it coloring and has a certain covering power. Pigment is an indispensable raw material for making paints, ink, oil painting paste, make-up oil paint, color paper and so on. Besides, pigments are also used for filling and coloring plastics, rubber products and synthetic fiber raw fluids.

Dye is an organic compound that makes other substances colored distinctly, firmly and is also known as synthetic dye because most of them in use now are synthetic. Dye can be divided into water borne pulp, solvent borne pulp, water borne color concentration, solvent borne color concentration according to status. According to application, it can be divided into ceramic dye, coating dye, textile dye and plastic dye.


Recommend equipment for pigment&dye production: ES/DS superfine precise three roller mill, DYS series hydraulic three roller mill, YS/YSS series hydraulic three roller mill, SQ/JRS series three roller mill, WSP Series Fast Flow Bead Mill, WST series turbo nano sand mill, 

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